My travels within Asia have been limited.  In general, I have spent about a month in the following locations: Kathmandu, Nepal; Bhutan; Western India; Sri Lanka; and the Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. I have spent less time in Singapore and Bangkok, Thailand.

To stereotype Asia is a fool’s errand.  There are people who want to try but the countries and cultures of Asia vary immensely between and within themselves.


My trip to Bhutan is described in two .pdf formatted Trip Reports. The low res version is 2.6 MB, the higher resolution copy is 62.4 MB.  Like all other material on this site these .pdf files are offered under a creative commons license - noncommercial-attribution-ShareAlike.

Three galleries display the photographic and videographic material from this trip; The Birds of Bhutan Photo Gallery, The Bhutan Photo Gallery, and The Birds of Bhutan Video Portfolio.


My trip to India was restricted to the northwestern part of the country.  I travelled as far south as Gujarat and and as far north as the Himalaya, traveling only a bit east of Delhi and as far west as the borderlands with Pakistan.  There are two photo galleries covering this trip; Birds of India, and India Travel.


In May 2013, I spent two and a half weeks on the northern part of the island of Sulawesi.  The plan was to spend a month but a hiking accident in the jungle cut the trip short.  The Birds of Australia and Asia Video Portfolio includes four videos from this trip.  Two cover the bird life, one a trip to a mangrove, and the last includes mammals and reptiles.


My trip to Nepal was in association with a trip to Bhutan.  I spent time in Nepal, primarily Kathmandu, both before and after my time in Bhutan.  There is also a photo gallery for Nepal.


I have spent roughly two weeks in Singapore, mostly visiting the cultural sites.

Sri Lanka

My time in Sri Lanka was limited to the southern part of the country because of a civil war which was located primarily in the northern part of Sri Lanka.  Many of the places I stayed were later ravaged by a tsunami.  There is also a photo gallery for Sri Lanka.

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