Mammals/Marsupials - A to E

This alphabetical listings of mammal/marsupial photographs and videos is by English Common Name.   If there is a time indicator (00:30) it refers to the time the species is first seen on the video.  

In addition to the species accounts listed below, I have made the following compilations of video accounts:


Acouchi - Myoprocta acouhy

Agouti, Black - Dasyprocta fuliginosa

Agouti, Central American - Dasyprocta punctata 

Agouti, Red-rumped - Dasyprocta leporine

Anteater, Giant Myrmecophaga tridactyla 

Anteater, Silky - Cyclopes didactylus

Antelope, Roan - Hippotragus equinus

Armadillo, Nine-banded - Dasypus novemcinctus

Ass, Asiatic Wild - Equus hemionus

Ass, Feral - Equus asinus


Badger, American - Taxidea taxus

Bat (undetermined species)

Bat, Greater Sac-winged - Saccopteryx bilineata

Bat, Honduran White Ectophylla alba


Bat, Pallid - Antrozous pallidus

Bat, Proboscis - Rhynchonycteris naso

Bat, Southwestern Little Brown Myotis occultus 

Bear, American Black - Ursus americanus

Bear, Grizzly - Ursus arctos horribilis

Beaver, North American - Castor canadensis

Bison, American - Bison bison 

Boar, (Indian) Wild - Sus scrofa cristatus


Boar, (Banded) Wild - Sus scrofa vittatus 

Bobcat - Lynx rufus baileyi 

  • Photographs from New Mexico, USA
  • Skull photo upper left (subspecies undetermined)

Bobcat - Lynx rufus californicus

Buffalo, West African Forest Syncerus caffer brachycerus

Buffalo, Water - Bubalus bubalis 


Bushbuck, Harnessed - Tragelaphus scriptus


Capuchin, Bearded - Cebus libidinosus

Capuchin, Black Striped - Sapajus libidinosus

Capuchin, Large-headed - Cebus macrocephalus 

Capuchin, Tufted Cebus apella 

Capuchin, White-throated - Cebus capucinus imitator

Capybara - Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Cat, Jungle - Felis chaus

Chipmunk, Yellow-pine - Tamias amoenus

Chital (Spotted Deer) - Axis axis

Coati, South American - Nasua nasua 

Coati, White-nosed - Nasua narica

Colobus, Temminck’s Western Red - Piliocolobus badus temminckii

Cottontail, Desert - Sylvilagus audubonii

Cottontail, Mountain - Sylvilagus nuttallii

Cow, Domestic  Bos taurus

Coyote - Canis latrans 

Culpeo - Lycalopex culpaeus

Cuscus, Sulawesi Bear - Ailurops ursinus


Deer, Mule - Odocoileus hemionus 

Deer, Pampas - Ozotoceros bezoarticus

Deer, White-tailed - Odocoileus virginianus 

Dog (Feral) - Canis lupus familiaris

Dromedary - Camelus dromedarius 


Eland, Western Giant (Lord Derby) - Taurotragus derbianus derbianus

Elephant, Sri Lankan - Elephas maximus maximus


Elk - Cervus canadensis

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